Senior Parker Self leads the South Paulding football team onto the field before a game this season.

Paulding’s three playoff teams placed the most players on the list of Paulding County Touchdown Club honorees for the 2019 season.

South Paulding placed 13, North Paulding placed 11 and Hiram placed nine on the list of the club’s top players and All-County team.

Wide receiver Parker Self of South Paulding earned the Player of the Year award from the Touchdown Club, which is comprised of the county’s five high school head coaches.

Self was the leading receiver in the state in Class 6A and the second-leading receiver in all classes in Georgia with 1,508 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Quarterback Austin Seymour of South Paulding won the Offensive MVP award. He completed 60% of his passes this season for 3,018 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Linebacker Joshua Martin of Hiram was named the county’s Defensive MVP after recording 62 solo tackles and 94 total tackles, including 14 tackles for loss.

The club also honored each team’s top assistant coach and Volunteer of the Year, according to information from South Paulding head coach Jason Thompson.

Honorees included:

Player of the Year: Parker Self, South Paulding

Offensive MVP: Austin Seymour, South Paulding

Defensive MVP: Joshua Martin, Hiram

Offensive Lineman Of The Year: Andrew Smith, North Paulding

Defensive Lineman Of The Year: Brandon Maina, Hiram

Newcomer Of The Year: Kyle Bird, North Paulding

Special Teams Player of the Year: Brock Travelstead, North Paulding

Returner Of The Year: Jermaine Banks, Hiram

First Team All-County:

Quarterback: Brayden Mauldin, Paulding HS

Offensive Line:

• Trent Knighting, South Paulding;

• Shaun Smith, South Paulding;

• Ian Gardner, East Paulding;

• Marcus Oge, Hiram;

• Cal Bentley, North Paulding;

• Jacob Smith, Paulding HS;

• Simon Sheehan, Paulding HS.

Defensive Line:

• CJ Nunnally, South Paulding;

• Curtis Brown, South Paulding;

• Joey Willoughby, East Paulding;

• Charlie Sims, Hiram;

• Silas Field, North Paulding.

Wide Receivers:

• Keishon Jackson, Paulding HS;

• Jarod Ray, North Paulding;

• Tanner Bentley, North Paulding;

• Kellan Autenrieth, North Paulding;

• Miles Campbell, South Paulding;

• Joseph Warren, East Paulding;

• Dylan Stockunas, Hiram.

Defensive Backs:

• Rayne Chuma, East Paulding;

• Mahki Touray, Hiram;

• Latrell Jewsome, North Paulding;

• Tyler Davis, North Paulding;

• Jalen Marshall, South Paulding;

• Jeremiah Austin, South Paulding;

• Si'les Modisett, Paulding HS.


• Smael Mondon, Paulding HS;

• Kaleem Turman, Paulding HS;

• Jackson Evans, South Paulding;

• Reece Hart, South Paulding;

• Maverick Herring, East Paulding;

• Caleb Brewster, Hiram;

• Jacob Amos, North Paulding.

Running Backs:

• Christian Rowe, Paulding HS;

• Thomas Marshall, South Paulding;

• Julian Beris, South Paulding;

• Jalen Townser, Hiram.

Punter: Colby Dumbra, East Paulding

Honorable mention:

Paulding HS:

• Matthew Frey, P

• Jalen Ellis, LB

• Cleve Jordan, OL

• Isaiah Adams, DE

• Frantzyr Chardavione, WR


• Jeremiah Banks, OL

• Avelino Williams, DL

• Samarie Rowe, DB

• Ishmael Hairston, LB, HB

North Paulding:

• Carson Carpenter, OL

• Dawson Rhodes, TE

• Briley Stilwell, WR

• Matthew Hoffman, LB

• Xavier Crockett, TB

• Ryker Brown, DB

• Noah Alleyne, DB

• Carter Strong, DL

• Bryan Nyangi, OL/DL

South Paulding:

• Jack Eason, OL

• Dillon Ward, C

• Madden Sanker, T

• Michael Young, DL

• Nick Akery, QB, WR, RB

• Jake Gragg, LS, HB

East Paulding:

• Connor Vaughn, Long/Short Snapper

• Trae French, WR/Returner

• Martin Gordon, OL

• Cody Gardner, RT

• Christian Sanchez, IL

• Levi Bass, LT

• Jordan Harvey, DB

Asst. Coach Of The Year:

• Chris Crowe, North Paulding

• Jeremy Clements, South Paulding

• Andy Scott, Hiram

• Billy Blizzard, East Paulding

• Trent Thompson, Paulding HS

Volunteers Of The Year:

• Rob Brookshire, North Paulding

• Patrick and Melanie Harrelson, South Paulding

• Tracy Woodall, East Paulding

• Coleen Eichner, Hiram

• Jimbo Black, Paulding HS


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