A weak tornado which touched down in Paulding County recently caused no injuries but left some homes in two counties severely damaged as it traveled from eastern Paulding into west Cobb County.

And straight-line winds reportedly damaged homes in both counties and downed numerous trees which fell on power lines and left more than 5,000 without power in Paulding at the height of the storm, the National Weather Service reported.

The tornado classified as EF-0 touched down near Macland Road west of Hiram-Acworth Highway and traveled for almost four miles into western Cobb County, the Weather Service reported.

Such tornadoes have wind speeds of 65 to 85 miles per hour, according to Jason Deese, lead forecaster at the Weather Service’s Peachtree City office.

Lt. Steve Mapes of the Paulding County Fire Department said no major roads were affected and power outages were not widespread in the storm’s aftermath in Paulding.

“We do have some damage to homes on Christy Drive (and) Power Creek Way just off of Hwy. 92 between Hiram and Dallas,” Mapes said.

A tree toppled onto a home that was in the line of the tornado on Christy Drive just off Hwy. 92, also known as Hiram-Acworth Highway.

About 12 large trees were snapped or uprooted and fell on the master bedroom of the two-story home on Christy Drive, the National Weather Service reported.

After the damage in Paulding, the tornado moved into western Cobb where it caused minimal damage but downed 15 to 20 trees around Lost Mountain Road and Kingsbridge Pass and the Oakleigh subdivision.

“No significant structure damage was observed in this area. Shortly after this point, the tornado lifted,” the Weather Service reported.

It also reported another area of straight-line wind damage was in south Paulding County and near Kennesaw.

In Paulding, the winds downed trees near Scoggins Road and Cole Lake Road.

Another area was found in Cobb County about five miles southwest of Kennesaw on Vineyard Road in Cobb County where a large sweetgum tree fell and caused “significant damage” to the bedroom of a two-story home.

“One of the residents was in the bedroom at the time of the incident but escaped injury,” the Weather Service reported.

Otherwise in Paulding, the Weather Service reported that “most of the damage was weak and intermittent.”

GreyStone Power reported more than 5,500 homes and businesses out of the 6,300 without power in its eight-county service area were in Paulding County at the height of the storm.

“There are several broken poles along with the scattered outages,” GreyStone reported on its Facebook page Saturday night.

However, almost all power had been restored by Jan. 13, said Ashley Kinnard of GreyStone Power.

Deese said a cold front which moved into the area produced the tornado and strong winds, which is common for this time of year in Georgia.

However, he said that though they were not as strong as they could have been “they still can do quite a bit of damage.”

The Weather Service sends meteorologists out into the field to compile information for its reports, Deese said.


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