A Tennessee man recently was convicted and sentenced to a prison term for the 2017 armed robbery of Walmart in Dallas.

Melvin Mitchell of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was convicted May 23 in Paulding County Superior Court on charges stemming from the October 2017 armed robbery of Walmart at 3615 Charles Hardy Parkway, said Sgt. Ashley Henson of the Paulding County Sheriff's Office.

Paulding Superior Court Judge Dean Bucci subsequently sentenced Mitchell to 25 years, including 13 incarcerated in the Georgia Department of Corrections prison system and the remaining 12 on probation, Henson said.

Mitchell, 51, was convicted on charges of Armed Robbery, Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony, Possession of Marijuana, and Driving Without a License.

Henson said Mitchell entered the Walmart store Oct. 8, 2017, around 11:30 p.m., selected a package of gum and went to a register to pay.

When the cashier opened the drawer, Mitchell lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun in his waistband, and threatened to harm the clerk if she did not give him the money and keep quiet, the release stated.

After receiving the cash, Mitchell fled the store and entered a vehicle to leave the area.

Paulding County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives responded to the scene and began their investigation.

Detectives soon identified and located the vehicle he fled in, the gun he used, and the clothing he wore the night of the robbery, Henson said.

"Through diligent investigative action that ultimately led to a search warrant of Mitchell’s Dallas, Georgia, home, detectives of the Criminal Investigations Division were able to obtain criminal warrants and arrest Mitchell on Oct. 12, 2017," Henson said.

Mitchell remained incarcerated at the Paulding County Jail until he posted bond in March 2018.

"The bonding company later came off of his bond and he was returned to custody," Henson said.

His trial began last month, Henson said.

"Though facing a mountain of evidence against him, Mitchell refused to cooperate with detectives during the investigation and maintained his innocence throughout the duration of the trial," he said.

Sheriff Gary Gulledge said, “We need to make sure that all of our citizens are always vigilant and aware of their surroundings whether at work, while traveling, or at home."

"As always, if you suspect criminal activity in your area contact 911 or the proper authorities to report it."


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