Paulding sheriff’s deputies and Hiram police investigate a shooting inside Home Depot in Hiram on May 3.

Paulding detectives worked last week to determine if they should file charges against a man after he allegedly shot his neighbor inside Home Depot in Hiram May 3.

Detectives found the two were neighbors who had disagreed previously. Their chance meeting as shoppers in the garden center May 3 led to one man shooting the other inside the main store, a Paulding sheriff's spokesman said.

Sgt. Ashley Henson of the Paulding County Sheriff's Office said detectives were not identifying either the shooter or victim, who suffered a gunshot wound to the torso.

"Thus far no charges have been filed but this is still an open and active investigation and will continue into the coming days," Henson said .

Paulding deputies and Hiram Police officers responded to the 8:47 a.m. report of the shooting at the corner of U.S. Hwy. 278 and Depot Drive in the county's main shopping and restaurant district.

Henson said detectives interviewed the victim, shooter, witnesses and Home Depot employees.

"As a result of their investigation detectives learned that the incident began in the garden center of the store," he said.

"It was determined that the victim and the shooter both knew each other because they are neighbors and that they have had disagreements in the past.

"They coincidently happened to see each other at The Home Depot Friday morning and that is when a verbal argument began," Henson said.

He said the argument escalated into a physical altercation, which led to the alleged shooter being physically assaulted.

"As the confrontation escalated, they entered the store. As a result of the altercation and the fact that the shooter felt threatened he discharged his pistol, striking the victim in the torso.

"The victim was able to get to the Customer Service center to have someone call 911," Henson said.

Both the shooter and victim stayed on the scene and were cooperative with detectives, he said. The victim was transported to an area hospital.

None of the parties involved were Home Depot employees, Henson added.


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Anne Pritchett

I don't understand why the names haven't been released. Paulding County usually blasts people's names and pictures all over social media but, for some reason, they won't say who was involved in this incident. I think the shooter must know someone who could pull some strings which is why he hasn't been charged or named.

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