Two known street gang members were convicted in Paulding Superior Court last week on charges related to illegal drug trafficking and striking a detention officer.

Tyler Campbell, 26, and Zachari Nokes, 28, both members of the “Ghost Face Gangsters” criminal street gang organization, were sentenced after Paulding Superior Court Judge Dean Bucci accepted pleas and sentenced the defendants, according to a news release from the Paulding District Attorney’s Office.

Nokes was convicted of multiple counts of Violation of the Gang Act and engaging in the trafficking of methamphetamine, among other charges.

He was sentenced to 40 years, with the first 15 to be served in prison.

Campbell was convicted of Violation of the Gang Act and Felony Obstruction, among other charges.

He was charged after striking a black corrections officer while being booked into the Paulding County Jail for other crimes, the DA’s office said.

The Ghost Face Gangsters are a white criminal street gang that started in the jails and prison system, according to the district attorney’s office.

The charge against Campbell was related to the gang’s propensity for violence targeting minorities, said officials with the DA’s office.

“Their criminal actions have spread outside of the detention center walls and across the state of Georgia, often replacing other known gangs which have been decimated by arrests or incarcerations of its members,” the DA’s office said in a news release.

Campbell was sentenced to 10 years, with the first three to be served in prison.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Matthew Rollins was the principal prosecutor in both cases.


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