Paulding County Sheriff’s Office had believed this van may have been involved before finding a girl, 11, mistook a phone conversation by a delivery driver for an abduction attempt.

Paulding sheriff’s detectives did not plan to press charges against a delivery driver after finding an 11-year-old girl mistook the man’s phone conversation for threatening words to her before she reported an alleged abduction attempt recently.

Sgt. Ashley Henson of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office said no charges were filed after the alleged juvenile victim was inconsistent in her story about the alleged Wednesday, Aug. 21, incident and a male delivery driver had been “more than cooperative” in the case.

Henson said detectives had been working to find answers following the report of a man in a white van attempting to abduct a child Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 6:08 p.m. on School Road in the Burnt Hickory area of north Paulding.

“As a result of their hard work” the van and its male driver involved in the alleged incident were positively identified, he said.

Henson said the man is a driver for a “popular package delivery service” and was delivering a package in the area of School Road on the date and time of the alleged incident.

“Detectives reviewed time stamps on the package he delivered, checked his in-vehicle GPS, and compared it to the time stamps on surveillance video from the subdivision,” Henson said.

“It was determined that the driver did not make any stops other than to drop the package off at its delivery destination.”

Henson said the male driver “admitted to seeing the alleged victim walking her dog down the road.”

“The male driver stated that this was not his usual route and that he ordinarily works in Douglas County. He also indicated that he was likely on the phone when he passed the juvenile because he was unfamiliar with the area,” Henson said.

“When he saw the juvenile, the driver indicated that he slowed down because the child and dog were close to the road but that he never stopped or spoke to her.”

Detectives then spoke to the alleged victim again “and she indicated that the vehicle did not stop and that she was not sure whether or not the male driver was on his telephone talking with someone else or if he was talking to her.”

“Due to her perception of the incident, the juvenile stated she got scared when the van passed because she thought the male driver was talking to her, and that is when she went to her mother,” Henson said.

“We appreciate everyone’s diligence in this case and want the public to know that we take any allegations of child abduction and kidnapping very serious.”


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