Retailers large and small told Cartersville police they were victims of attempted thefts of money and merchandise recently.

The incidents included allegations of check forgeries at liquor and grocery stores, and shoplifting from a major national retailer’s Cartersville location.

Asuncion Leon, 42, of Cartersville was charged with Forgery and Theft by Receiving Stolen Property following a July 24 incident at Ameri-Mart on Burnt Hickory Road.

An officer reported responding to the store after receiving a call about a forgery in progress. A county sheriff’s dispatcher told the city officer the complainant was following the suspect on foot after he left the store.

The officer reported finding the complainant and suspect on Mission Road and the complainant said the suspect attempted to cash a check at the store.

He said he “knew the check was fraudulent because he had several checks from the same account cashed and returned by the bank as fraudulent in recent days,” the report stated.

The suspect told the officer he was aware the check was stolen from a Bartow County jail inmate. A person he met at an extended stay motel, identified as “Rico,” paid him $20 to cash the check “and he did it because he needed the money.”

The officer said he contacted a Cartersville detective about the case and was told he was working a related case involving the same victim.

Leon was being held at the Bartow County Jail on a $3,000 bond.

The following day, a manager at Cartersville Beverage on West Avenue told an officer his bank advised him a check his store cashed on July 12 had been stolen and forged.

The officer said he watched a store surveillance video which clearly showed “display his license and the forged check.”

He said he later obtained a warrant for the arrest of the suspect, Leo Hinton, 35, of Cartersville, on charges of Forgery in the fourth degree, Theft by Deception and Theft by Receiving.

Also on July 24, a teen was charged with shoplifting more than $286 worth of jewelry from Kohl’s at 600 E. Main St. in Cartersville, an officer reported.

The suspect, identified as Samantha Surprise, 19, was released on her own recognizance after being charged with Theft by Shoplifting.

The officer reported responding to a call about 1:50 p.m. at the store.

A loss prevention employee told the officer he observed a woman on surveillance video “enter the woman’s dressing rooms and exit with less than she went in with.”

The employee said he then detained the suspect, identified as Surprise, and located the stolen merchandise on her.

The suspect later “admitted to removing price tags and concealing jewelry before paying for other items and proceeded to leave the store with the stolen merchandise.”

The merchandise, including three chains and six rings, were returned to Kohl’s store managers, the report stated.


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