A Cartersville man accused of looking into a neighbor’s windows and entering her apartment uninvited told an officer before his arrest he was a “chief” and should be released.

Herold Jean-Baptiste of Cartersville is facing charges of peeping tom, which is a felony, and trespassing and other charges following the Monday, April 29, incident, according to a Cartersville Police Department report.

The report stated a woman flagged down a city officer in an apartment complex on Massell Drive and stated she observed the suspect, Jean-Baptiste, looking into an apartment’s windows, “spying on her and yelling at the occupants inside the residence.”

The woman said the suspect then entered her apartment through the front door “uninvited,” the report stated. She confronted the suspect inside the apartment “and yelled several curse words at him and instructed him to leave the residence as he was unwelcomed inside,” the report said.

The suspect “refused to comply and had to be physically removed from the residence by the (complainants’) daughter,” the report stated.

The officer also spoke to neighbors and confirmed the woman’s statements “and it was discovered that Mr. Jean-Baptiste has had several issues with neighbors with this same type of behaviors.”

In addition, another neighbor confirmed the woman’s claims “and provided several pictures of Mr. Jean-Baptiste looking into the woman’s windows “yelling at them and making odd statements,” the report stated.

The officer then located the suspect in another apartment and he “admitted to drinking several alcoholic beverages.”

The officer reportedly placed the suspect in custody and read the Miranda warning stating his rights to remain silent and to be given an attorney if he could not afford one. The suspect then told the officer he did not understand the warning, “stated he was a chief and I need to release him.”

Jean-Baptiste was arrested and was being held at the Bartow County Jail on charges of Peeping Tom, criminal trespass, violation of probation and public intoxication.


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