A Douglas County attorney will be the newest judge presiding over Superior Court.

Cynthia C. Adams was appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal today as a Superior Court judge of the Douglas Judicial Circuit.

Adams said she was “honored and humbled to have been selected to serve the citizens of Douglas County on the Superior Court bench.”

She will fill the vacancy created by the recent resignation of Robert James. Her appointment will take effect upon being sworn in, the governor's office said.

“I am following in the footsteps of an amazing jurist, the Honorable Robert J. James, and joining the ranks of two remarkable judges currently serving, Judge David Emerson and Judge Beau McClain,” she said.

Adams, said she “was certainly hopeful” she would be chosen from among the three finalists.

“I had a wonderful meeting with Gov. Deal last week and was able to share with him my legal experience as a prosecutor and in private practice and my commitment to serving Douglas County,” she said.

“I consider it an incredible honor that Gov. Deal selected me,” she said.

She said she plans to approach her new job responsibilities “each day with a deep respect for the law in my role as a judge.”

“I plan to be firm, but fair to all parties and attorneys and to run an efficient courtroom in the administration of justice,” Adams said.

Adams is Judge Pro Tempore of the Douglas County Juvenile Court and a solo practitioner at the Law Office of Cynthia C. Adams on Dorris Avenue in Douglasville.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Oakwood College and a law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law. Adams and her husband have two children and reside in Douglasville.

According to her firm's web site, she served as a prosecutor in Fulton County as a solicitor, prosecuting misdemeanors, before working as an assistant district attorney and prosecuting felony cases including drug trafficking, rape, murder, armed robbery, and burglary. While at the district attorney’s office she was assigned to the special victims unit where she prosecuted crimes committed against children, such as child molestation and child homicide, the web site stated.

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I had a case heard by Cynthia Adams on June 12th 2018 a contempt case on my ex husband. This post is meant in no disrespect to a judge however only to state my truth and what I experienced in her courtroom.
Judge Adams took over my case when Judge James retired. I went in front of her 5 times between the months of May 2017- June 2018 trying to get my ex husband Abioduni Osinowo Martin to abide by the final judgement and decree put in place by Judge James.
Mr. Martin took monies from the marriage and hide them he also took 2 business that was started in the marriage put in his name and left me and my son who's now 4 year's old. My Ex husband did not pay child support for over a year he constantly ran from the service of the sheriff with me trying to get him served to own up to his responsibilities.
I will never forget on August 1st 2017 I appeared in front of Judge Adams again and she stated to me as in concern " Ms. Martin if you get him in my courtroom I'm going to put fire under him".. Wasn't the case however. Three more times following also with Mr Martin claiming to be homeless and with no job in his answer to the courts in Dec. 2017.
I had proof of his lies proof that he was working numerous jobs as he stated on the witness stand. Mr. Martin blatantly disrespected my attorney by telling her that he was not going to tell her where he lives and Judge Adams did not make him answer the question.
To add insult to injury we had over enough evidence for her to hold Mr Martin in contempt of court due to the lies and perjury he has committed through the court proceedings. On June 12th 2018 it appeared that Judge Adams had her mind made up even before my attorney started to present my case.. The judge acted extremely bias to us she didn't care the fact that Mr. Martin was in contempt of court. My attorney was not allowed to present my case as needed. Judge Adams cut her off and told us that she was not going to make My Ex husband pay a purge amount and she wasn't holding him in contempt of court after the fact that he was guilty of every thing accused. She also shut us down so fast until I wasn't allowed to speak in my own defense and I was the plaintiff.
She also told my ex husbands attorney to write up the order... This has been emotionally, mentally, and financial abusive towards me. I will never forget in Jan 2018 I went in front of Judge Adams once again to plead my case without and attorney however after being homeless and jobless my ex husband comes to court with an attorney and Judge Adams would not let me plead my case. She told me that I have to go and hire an attorney. So therefore I went and borrowed money from friends and family and put together with what I had to pay my attorney $4500 to represent me for the judge to render such an unfair verdict.
After all that has happened and if I had any idea that My Ex husband would be allowed to break the law by not paying child support, running from court order, lying to the judge, and committing perjury on the stand and in documents he's filed with the courts.. I would have allowed him to lived in the same county as myself and not pay child support or see his son and I could have kept all monies I paid for an attorney to take care of my son...
I'm trying to make since of this and understand why a judge would be so biased in a case such as.. They'ree both are of African descent maybe that was the protection because by law he should have been published. I have no faith in the judicial system and I will never fight for child support or a court order put in place. It was a waist of my time and it was a disgrace to me and my son. To make matters worst I'm from Douglas County and someone who has no history here was allowed to come in lie and receive a pat on the back for being dishonest..
This has been a case that needs to be made public. If anyone wants to share feel free.
I've decided to take care of my son myself and I have no faith in the judicial system especially Douglas County.


I never stated his arrears. At the time of the hearing My ex husband was in arrears of child support of close to $10,000 and he owed $25,000 on marital assets of a laser device that he took from the marriage which we had cancel checks from his bank statements to prove that he was still receiving payments from the doctor who had the laser.

Tori Smith

Judge Adams has no experience and should not be a superior court judge. She's bias and does not listen or even allow defendants the opportunity to submit evidence regarding the case at hand. I would rather have a seasoned unbiased judge handle my case any day. She doesn't know how to decipher through nonsense and actually see and understand the "big picture". I've had my experience with this judge and I'm not a fan of her decision-making skills. She makes her decision before the cases are heard. That's facts.

Tori Smith

[ban] Some people need to remain in their lane. Certain positions aren't for certain people especially when you know you make poor decisions and your decision- making skills are subpar. Some people are not made for the job but only thrive off titles. Some people need to take a seat and learned from well-seasoned judges and learn to allow parties equal opportunities to submit their evidence and allow both parties to be heard before rendering or making a final decision on a case. Judges should stop being bias. [thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown]

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