Bartow County students now finishing their last year of middle school are being encouraged to hear about new academic programs in the sciences and international studies the school system will offer in August 2020.

However, those interested also need to be ready to apply during a month and a half period beginning Nov. 1.

The system is encouraging eighth-grade students interested in enrolling in the three magnet programs the system will offer in the 2020-2021 school year — and their parents — to attend an informational meeting at the Grand Theatre in Cartersville Thursday, Oct. 10, at 7 p.m.

“If you are a current eighth-grade student who is motivated and has a passion for learning, then the Bartow County School System encourages you to apply to one or all of the magnet programs housed at Adairsville, Cass, and Woodland high schools.” Admission into Adairsville High School’s Center for Advanced Studies in Science, Technology and Math “could mean you are one step closer to pioneering modern software or video games.”

Cass High School’s Center for Advanced International Studies “may take you to a foreign country where work among multinational corporations is commonplace,” a news release stated.

And Woodland High School’s Center for Advanced Studies in Medical Science “brings unparalleled opportunities inside a sponsoring hospital, learning from some of the top medical professionals in the state,” the release stated.

The application window will open Nov. 1 and close Dec. 20, it stated.

In February 2020, applicants will be notified of acceptance. The new programs officially launch in August 2020.

Transportation is available. Extracurricular activities, such as sports or clubs, remain available to students involved in these magnet programs, the release stated.

“Due to limited space at each program, students inside and outside the county, are selected through a highly competitive, rigorous application process based on grades, test scores, PSAT 8/9 results, recommendations and written responses.

“The creation of these unrivaled opportunities affects the entire school system. Students below eighth-grade can prepare now for future admittance into these magnet programs, and high school students not involved in the magnet program can still take advantage of new Advanced Placement course offerings.”

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