Anheuser-Busch’s Cartersville brewery regularly shifts production to cans of water for use by victims of natural disasters nationwide.

Anheuser-Busch will undertake an $85 million expansion of its Cartersville facility and create 12 new jobs, a state agency announced.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development announced Jan. 13 that the longtime Bartow County industry will make the investment in its 27-year-old brewery.

The expansion will support the creation of new brewing capabilities at the facility, said Kevin Fahrenkrog, senior general manager of the Anheuser-Busch Cartersville Brewery.

“We are deeply committed to the Cartersville community, which is why we are excited to announce our $85 million plan for expansion,” Fahrenkrog said in a news release.

“The U.S. beer industry is back to growth and over the next three years, we will expand the brewery’s capabilities to brew some of our best-selling brands right here in Georgia.

“Our investment in the Cartersville brewery will create 12 good-paying jobs and reaffirms our strong belief in supporting local manufacturing.”

Cartersville Mayor Matt Santini said Anheuser-Busch “continues to be a source of community pride for a number of reasons.”

“This latest expansion is just the latest example of their commitment to bring quality jobs to our community. We are appreciative of their investment and partnership with our city.”

Anheuser-Busch’s Cartersville brewery opened in 1993 and brews more than 20 of the company’s brands.

It is the original producer of canned emergency drinking water for disaster relief.

The Cartersville facility was Anheuser-Busch’s first brewery to be certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to brew and package Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold.

“Anheuser-Busch is a source of pride in Georgia’s advanced manufacturing lineup, and this Cartersville plant expansion will allow continued competitiveness within the beer industry,” said Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson.

“We appreciate Anheuser-Busch’s continued investments in Georgia and dedication to the community. Our economic development partners deserve tremendous credit for supporting our existing industries and helping position them for continued success.”

Georgia Department of Economic Development Project Manager Taylor Kielty represented the Global Commerce Division on this competitive project in partnership with the Cartersville-Bartow County Department of Economic Development, the city of Cartersville Electric System, and the Altus Group.


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