Meisa Salaita and Jordan Rose

From left, at the Atlanta Science Festival Jan. 25 launch party aboard a parked 747 at the Delta Flight Museum near Hapeville, festival co-director Meisa Salaita, Ph.D., looks on as fellow director Jordan Rose makes a point.

Each year, Atlanta hosts a two-week long celebration of all things science at the Atlanta Science Festival, March 9 through 24, offering more than 100 events focused on STEAM categories (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) throughout metro Atlanta.

The Atlanta Science Festival culminates with the Exploration Expo, which takes place March 24 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Piedmont Park in Midtown.

One must-see event during the expo is How the Canine Mind Helps People with Severe Diseases, sponsored by Atlanta-based biopharma company UCB Inc. and hosted in collaboration with a Milton-based nonprofit, Canine Assistants. Learn how the science of the canine mind unlocks ways to support patients living with severe diseases.

o How the Canine Mind Helps People with Severe Diseases educates festival goers about how service dogs are uniquely equipped to be valuable partners and companions to children and adults with epilepsy, physical disabilities, and other special needs.

o More than just furry friends, the Canine Assistants service dogs help their owners in everyday life, from retrieving a phone prior to a seizure, summoning help in a controlled environment and staying with their person during a seizure.

o Via its sponsorship, UCB, which develops life-changing treatments for people living with severe diseases like epilepsy, supports Canine Assistants with resources so each dog gets the extensive training it needs to benefit more people within the epilepsy community.

As part of the How the Canine Mind Helps People with Severe Diseases booth, the service dogs trained at Canine Assistants will be on site to meet and take photos with expo attendees as well as handlers to talk about the kinds of tasks the service dogs are trained to help with.

For more information, visit and click on the expo tab.


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