The city of South Fulton was recently the recipient of a community development assistance study grant.

In 2018, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) launched a new grant program called the Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP). CDAP takes a much more deliberate approach, dedicating resources on an annual basis in a way that enables the agency to serve even more communities. The grants will help recipients develop plans and policies that create more vibrant, walkable, and connected places.

The city of South Fulton is one of 18 metro Atlanta communities to receive a CDAP study grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). The city has been awarded three CDAP projects, the Campbellton Crossroads Village Study, the South Fulton District 4 Resiliency Program and Washington Road’s Walkability Study. City leaders will use these plans to make informed planning decisions regarding the expansion of the pedestrian and mobility strategies and land use policies.

The city plans to launch the project in late summer 2019. Once the studies are complete, the city will become eligible to receive funding for transportation projects such as sidewalks and intersection improvements to help implement their visions.

In addition, the ARC has also awarded Livable Centers Initiative projects for the Airport West Community Improvement District’s Aerotropolis Greenway Concept Development and a Community Development Assistance Program for Aerotropolis Alliance’s Land Use Study. Both projects will include areas within the City of South Fulton.

“The city of South Fulton is honored to receive the CDAP study grants and be included in the LCI projects,” said City Manager Odie Donald II. “These projects and partnerships will assist in directing transportation, beautification, and quality of life throughout South Fulton County. These are great next steps in making the vision of our region’s elected leaders and citizens a reality.”


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