Melissa Swindell hangs a photo of the original mailbox at the historic home in the parlor.

It may still be summer, but The Wren’s Nest Historic House Museum is embracing its spooky side with a new, interactive escape room game.

“It’s kind of like our kick-off to the Halloween season,” said Melissa Swindell, executive director of The Wren’s Nest. Starting in August, guests will be challenged to “Escape the Nest,” as groups must work together to solve puzzles and riddles, finding codes that open a series of locks until they ultimately find the key to the exit. The thing that makes this escape room game stand out from many others is that participants will play within Georgia’s oldest historic house museum. The Queen Anne Victorian style house creates an ambience that will make guests feel as they’re playing a real-life game of “Clue.” Many props in the game are actual historic pieces belonging to the home, including original locks and skeleton keys.


Pictured is one of the rooms of the historic Wren’s Nest house where guests will play the escape room game.

Swindell said she and Curator of Education Meredith Deeley thought incorporating the escape room into the historic property would be a fun way to expose guests to the home’s history and pay homage to previous owner Joel Chandler Harris, best known as the author of the Brer Rabbit novels.

“People are drawn to the home because it is old, has a certain ambiance and is believed to be haunted. Harris’ stories are known less and less, but Harris himself loved to play pranks so we incorporated that into the escape room theme,” said Swindell.

“Escape the Nest” begins Friday, August 9th and continues every Friday and Saturday in August. New games start on the hour every hour from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. at The Wren’s Nest, located at 1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW in Atlanta.

The maximum capacity for each game is 10 guests and a minimum of 4 guests is required for a game to run. Tickets range in price from $26 to $30 and are on sale now on Eventbrite at www.eventbrite.com/e/escape-the-nest-tickets-65428846441.

Those interested in reserving “Escape the Nest” for a private group can call The Wren’s Nest at (404) 753-7735. Participants must be at least 14 years old. All participants will be required to sign a liability release form.

A staff member or volunteer from The Wren’s Nest will also be with the group throughout the game to ensure the safety of any historic objects in the room. Parking is available on site for free.

Other events celebrating the legendary historic home will continue throughout the year, including paranormal investigations and The Edgar Allen Poe experience. Visit www.wrensnest.org for more information.


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