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The official resolution was issued by the Council with a vote of 6-0, with one abstention, at a Special Called meeting held on Jan. 6.

The City of South Fulton has passed a resolution expressing disapproval of Mayor khalid kamau’s recent actions during his inaugural address.

The official resolution was issued by the Council with a vote of 6-0, with one abstention, at a Special Called meeting held on Jan. 6.

As stated in the resolution, the City Council became aware that during the inauguration activities for the incoming council members the Mayor was delivering a speech on the steps of City Hall calling for the resignation of the City Manager, City Clerk and City Attorney.

Prior to delivering his first speech, it was confirmed that the incoming Mayor Khalid Kamau called a meeting to discuss his first 100 days in office and, in the presence of the director of another city department, asked for the resignations of all the positions referenced above.

The City Council was blindsided and moved to take swift action to level-set the role of the mayor by issuing a resolution that notes he overstepped his authority and identifies that his actions violate multiple sections of the city charter.

Councilwoman Dr. Catherine Rowell stated that under the council-manager form of government, the mayor’s role is ceremonial and has very limited power.

“The mayor does not have the authority to hire or fire, and our employees need to be assured that they will not be subjected to the political whims of elected officials.“

Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs stated her disappointment that this was the first official action taken by the incoming Mayor, especially given the fact that the inauguration should have been a time of celebration for the Mayor and the incoming council members.

Incoming Councilwoman Natasha Williams and Councilman Jaycee Sebastian have stated that “we are here to help move the city forward, and the public should be assured that we will not experience the public debacles of the past. This is not how we wanted to start, but we will adhere and uphold the charter and deal with any violations swiftly and decisively. “

Councilwoman Willis stated that multiple sections of the charter have been violated.

“The Mayor or a Councilmember may only recommend the removal of the City Manager from office in accordance with procedure set forth in the Charter, and the recommendation has to have the affirmative vote of five council members. The city manager has a contract and we can not breach the contract,” according to the charter.

Additionally, “The City Clerk reports to the city manager not the Mayor and City Council, the professionalism displayed by Mr. Adams with the swearing-in should be commended given the fact that this request came just a half hour before he had to present publicly.”

In the resolution, it is noted that the elected leaders of the City, including the Mayor must help foster a collaborative approach to City’s affairs by not intimidating, interfering, disrupting or violating the provisions of the City’s Charter and/or Code of Ordinance.

Per the resolution, Mayor Khalid Kamau on Jan. 4 convened a meeting requesting the attendance of the City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney and Communication Director to share his vision of his first 100 days in office and to also request their resignations, except for the Communications Director; and also sent out an email on the same day reiterating the same.

The Mayor’s conduct in requesting the resignation of the City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney directly violates, contradicts and/or contravenes the City Charter that has established a City Council — City Manager form of government.

“In a democracy, we have what is called due process,” said Councilman Corey A. Reeves. “No one person is above it. No one person can circumvent it.”

The resolution states that officially reprimanded for his documented overreach of his authority.

The resolution calls upon Mayor Khalid Kamau to cease and desist the mentioned behavior and “to conduct himself in a manner fitting the ceremonial office of Mayor with respect to City staff.”

He is also directed to seek training and a mentor through the Georgia Municipal Association which provides leadership, tools and services that assist municipal employees and elected official to effectively operate and govern their cities.

South Fulton will celebrate its fifth year of city-hood May 1.

The City of South Fulton has adopted some of the most progressive policies in Metropolitan Atlanta with a strong focus on enhanced quality of life initiatives to include reducing crime, and developing a environmentally sustainable city.

Read the {span class=”print_trim”}City Charter here

For more information on the City of South Fulton, visit the city website at


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