Fairburn’s once and current mayor was sworn in Jan. 10 during the city’s first regular council meeting. The meeting was broadcast over the city’s Facebook page and had several attendees participating over Zoom.

Following a brief ceremony where Mayor Mario Avery and three councilmembers took their oaths of office, Avery led the crowd—and invited residents watching at home—in taking communion.

Noting that taking communion is typically a religious practice, Avery said “this is an act in my efforts to ask the city of Fairburn and its residents, its business owners and all affiliates and associates to come in agreement with what we have to do and what’s ahead of us.”

In an address to his constituents, Avery said his goal is “efficiency and excellence.” He said his term will begin with an audit of the city to make sure federal and state funds are being accounted for and being used appropriately.

He said a new zoning code review is also in order, especially with all the housing currently being built in Fairburn.

Another goal Avery will be tackling involves staffing: “We’re going to restore the staffing levels needed for day-to-day (operations)…our staffing levels are dangerously low.”

Avery was previously the city’s mayor from 2010 to 2017. He did not run for re-election in 2017, allowing Elizabeth Carr-Hurst to run unopposed and win. She served for four years.

He decided the city needed him to return and won an election against Carr-Hurst in 2021 with 62% of the votes.


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