A woman was arrested November 27 after East Point police say she lied about an attempted abduction.

According to police, officers were dispatched on November 24 to a Circle K gas station in East Point where 42-year-old Cynthia Laret Collier claimed that 3 men were attempting to abduct her.

When the East Point police department launched an investigation, interviews were conducted and surveillance video was received and reviewed in reference to the claimed attempted abduction which contradicted Collier’s statements.

Although Collier claimed the suspected males were following her around the store, threatening her with a weapon and then followed her Uber in their car, police state that all video footage and witness interviews contradict these statements.

However, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Collier’s attorney Jackie Patterson told Channel 2 Action News that his client never lied to police. Instead, he called Collier’s arrest retaliation for a video her cousin posted online criticizing the East Point Police Department’s handling of the case.

The 30-minute video, posted on social media by April Mason, has been viewed more than 5,000 times.

In the video, Mason said the men not only followed her cousin in and out of the store but also to her place of employment and that police responded that they “couldn’t do much about it.”

“(The East Point police) are trying to cover up the fact that they didn’t handle her properly the day she called them. So they are trying to vilify her in the media. They are only responding because the video went viral. The truth will come out,” stated Mason on her Facebook page.

Collier turned herself in to police custody after an arrest warrant was issued for false reporting of a crime.


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