On Aug. 28, East Point Power sent seven crew members to assist the St. Martinville Electric Department which suffered widespread outages as a result of Hurricane Ida.

East Point Power drove three bucket trucks and two pick-up trucks for 10 hours to St. Martinville, Louisiana and conducted restoration efforts for four days.

Due to East Point Power’s efforts, they received a national commendation from the American Public Power Association for its support in electric power restoration efforts in St. Martinville, Louisiana.

“This is truly what teamwork is all about,” said Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham. “The immediate response by our power department to assist with restoration of power for St. Martinville residents exemplifies what it means to do all you can, when you can, to help those in need.”

“We are glad to assist our fellow electric departments across the country during their time of need,” said Shawn Dowe, East Point’s Power Director. “I am proud of my team for stepping up during this time of crisis and for providing exceptional service to the residents of St. Martinville, LA.”

Here are the following members of the East Point Power Department who provided restoration assistance in St. Martinville, LA:

♦ Shawn Dowe, Electric Director

♦ Gregory Creque, Electric Line Supervisor

♦ Edward Hall, Tree Trimming Supervisor

♦ Jacobe Stanley, Tree Trimming Foreman

♦ Anthony Cummings, Electric Lineman

♦ Shannon Butler, Tree Trimmer

♦ Allen Gaines, Apprentice Lineman

EP Power

(left to right) Shawn Dowe (Electric Director), Gregory Creque (Electric Line Supervisor), Edward Hall (Tree Trimming Supervisor), Jacobe Stanley (Tree Trimming Foreman), Anthony Cummings (Electric Lineman), and Shannon Butler (Tree Trimmer). Not pictured: Allen Gaines (Apprentice Lineman)

For more information on East Point Power and its commitment to mutual aid, visit www.eastpointcity.org or PublicPower.org/MutualAid.

For Media Relations, please contact Tobias Seller with the American Public Power Association, MediaRelations@PublicPower.org.


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