Homicide suspects Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum of McDonough appeared in Henry County Superior Court recently on charges stemming from the Nov. 17, 2015 death of their foster child Laila Daniel, 2.

They pleaded not guilty in November 2016 to three counts of murder each, a total of five counts of cruelty to children and one count each of aggravated battery.

Their case was re-indicted Aug. 3, according to the DeKalb County district attorney’s office, which got involved in the case after a conflict of interest moved it in February from the Henry County DA’s office.

DeKalb County DA spokeswoman Yvette Jones said Jennifer Rosenbaum is now charged with an additional count of felony murder, a total of 15 counts of cruelty to children, six counts of aggravated battery and 12 counts of aggravated assault.

Jones said Joseph Rosenbaum faces murder in the second degree, an additional cruelty to children charge, 11 counts of aggravated assault and an additional four counts of aggravated battery.

“The case has been continued to March 2018,” Jones said.

A status hearing is scheduled for Oct. 3, she said.

Hearing the case is Judge Brian Amero.

He denied the defense’s Aug. 18 motion to remove ankle monitors from the defendants, who are out on bail.

Attorney Corinne Mull of Decatur is representing the Rosenbaums.


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