A new police precinct is now open in College Park in an area where, according to Mayor Jack Longino, the community needs more police presence and assistance the most.

The Thompson Booker Dollar Memorial Precinct, named in honor of influential families in the College Park community, celebrated its grand opening in April with a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication to residents that made the new facility possible.


Members of the College Park community prepare to cut the ribbon on the new facility.

“We recognize the Thompson, Booker and Dollar families as trailblazers in College Park,” said Longino.

The new facility cost about $2.2 million and was strategically placed at 2330 Godby Road next door to the Tracey Wyatt Recreation Center.

“What is most meaningful and impactful to me is time and effort spent with our young people. I’m hoping that with the opening of this new precinct right next to the Tracey Wyatt Recreation Complex, our police can get closer to the youth of College Park working with them,” said Councilman Ambrose Clay.


Community members reveal the name of the newly built police precinct in College Park.

“We know most of the crime is happening on this end of the city,” said Longino. “We believe this new facility, manned 24-7, will give people a new place to come and a new resource to utilize when they have issues.”

In attendance at the ceremony were councilmembers, representatives and members of the Thompson, Booker and Dollar families and special speakers including Police Chief Ferman Williford and Pastor Penny Brown Reynolds.

For more information, visit www.collegeparkga.com.


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