Hotel in Fairburn

Katherine Smith said she and friends encountered deplorable, dirty conditions at a hotel in Fairburn while in town for the Super Bowl.


Imagine traveling from Chicago with a group of friends excited to enjoy Super Bowl 53 with the beautiful city of Atlanta!

That's what we imagined but all of our hopes for this weekend quickly turned into a living disaster we are still living in and no one wants to help us

You purchase lodging ahead of time, you purchase airline tickets, rental cars, etc. You think you're all set!

No. On arrival, a home we rented from VRBO/Home Away was noted to be occupied, lockbox empty and we paid for the home October 25th 2018. VRBO/Home Away attempted initially to help by placing us at the Wingate by Wyndham in Fairburn which you think - okay, this is a great chain, we should be comfortable - WRONG AGAIN.

We took photos of bugs (multiple types and sizes), stained furniture, ripped furniture, nasty floors and walls, pee-stained bathroom floors, just deplorable. No refunds, no help, they can't refund us so we can book another room somewhere else, and now we have been booked at two places that did not work out.

We came to enjoy the weekend and instead were living in horror. We cant afford to pay for additional stays as we still have bills when we return home. We have asked for a refund and was told no refunds. We asked to be booked elsewhere by both companies Wingate and VRBO/Home Away and were told this could not be done either.

We are super frustrated, angry, sad, mystified, and more. This hotel needs to be shut down, and rehabbed. I am almost 100 percent sure no one should be living or eating in these horrific conditions.

-Katherine Smith,

Chicago, Illinois


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