Jordan Lawson

Dutchtown High School senior Jordan Lawson operates equipment at Plateau Excavation, where he works through participation in the Henry County Schools' Work-Based Learning program.

Gaining valuable work experience and career guidance is all in a day’s work for senior Jordan Lawson.

He takes classes at Dutchtown High School and works at Austell-based Plateau Excavation.

One of hundreds of students participating in the Work-Based Learning program in Henry County Schools, Lawson is realizing a life-long dream.

“Many students can recall playing in the dirt with toy trucks and tractors when they were younger,” district spokesman J.D. Hardin said in a statement. “For some it was just a fun thing to do, but others found it to be a prelude to their passion and future job. This was exactly the case for Lawson, at least in the short term.”

Lawson said he is thankful for the guidance of his teacher Tina Walcott and the program in general.

“I think it is something that every student should look into,” he said in a statement.

For his progress, he was named a recent Work-Based Learning student of the month.

Walcott said the honor is well deserved.

“Jordan is very dedicated to his job and career as an engineer,” she said in a statement. “His work ethics are astonishing for a high school student along with being meticulous and staying focused. In addition to being driven for success, he is well rounded and participates in community service and school activities.”

Lawson has plans for Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering, prefaced by a stint at Savannah State University.

After gaining his professional engineering license, he plans to return to Plateau.

Company president Rick Hall said the student has a bright future.

“He catches on to the layouts and concept of the work that’s going on very easily and he executes his duties on time,” Hall said in a statement.

The work includes operating an off-road truck, excavator and motor grader and assisting with erosion control, curbs and drains.


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