A fire in East Point is under investigation after an occupant and firefighter were rushed to nearby hospitals.

The fire occurred on June 15. At 2:17 a.m., an occupant of the home located at 2188 Kenny Court called 911 indicating the house was on fire. Fire crews were dispatched at 2:20 a.m. Upon arrival, firefighters reported heavy flames coming from the front right side of a two-story brick structure, with occupants safely evacuated outside. Fire crews immediately secured a water source and launched an offensive attack. The fire was knocked down at 3:02 a.m. with hotspots being doused. A second knock down was reported at 3:41 a.m.

Firefighters conducted a primary and secondary search. During the secondary search, two pet dogs were discovered deceased inside the home. One male occupant of the home was transported to Grady Hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. An East Point Firefighter was transported to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment of heat exhaustion and was released soon after treatment.

East Point Fire units responding included Engine 2, Engine 3, Engine 4, Ladder 1, Fire Rescue 2, Car 902 and Car 900 for a total of 16 Fire personnel on scene. East Point Power was called to handle downed powerlines that burned. East Point Police responded for traffic control.

The American Red Cross was called to provide housing for the second male occupant of the home who was displaced by the fire. There were no additional injuries to civilians or Firefighters. An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the fire.


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