A state agency alleges a Paulding inspector illegally used information from other cars and trucks to allow 11 vehicles to pass emissions tests at a Powder Springs business between December 2018 and early July.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division revoked south Paulding County resident George Williamson’s license for issuing emissions certificates in an agreed order earlier this month.

Williamson allegedly issued Certificates of Emission Inspection at a business on Austell-Powder Springs Road in Powder Springs in violation of state law, according to information from the Georgia EPD.

However, the vehicle owners were not required to retake the tests but will be required to test prior to their next registration renewal, said EPD spokesman Kevin Chambers.

“The Mobile and Area Sources Program’s primary focus has been to the inspectors and stations that obtain certificates from us, to ensure that they properly administer emissions tests,” he said.

Georgia EPD’s order also did not affect the business’s own license to administer emissions tests, Chambers said.

Passage of emissions tests are required for renewal of a vehicle’s state registration in 13 metro Atlanta counties, including Cobb and Paulding.

The Consent Order stated that the EPD issued a license to Williamson to work as an emissions inspector in April 2018.

Between Dec. 13, 2018, and Jan. 21, 2019, Williamson allegedly used other vehicles’ information to gain successful on-board diagnostic systems checks for eight vehicles to pass emissions inspections tests.

The EPD notified Williamson on Jan. 22 about his alleged violation of the law, the order stated.

Then, between June 7 and July 3, he allegedly used the same method again for gain passing tests for three other vehicles and the EPD issued a second Notice of Violation to Williamson, the order stated.

The EPD did not fine Williamson but required him to surrender his license for two years before he could reapply.

Williamson did not return a call for comment left on his voicemail.


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