Aug. 25, for the second straight day, qualifying for the Nov. 7 city elections was quiet in two of the area’s three cities. In Sandy Springs, only one candidate, mayoral hopeful David Crim, filed his paperwork and paid his fees (though he withdrew from the race Aug. 29), and in Brookhaven, no one did so for the second consecutive day, according to emails from the city. But in Atlanta, 27 candidates qualified.

Aug. 25 was the last day of qualifying for all Georgia cities.

In Atlanta, mayoral candidates Carl Jackson, Laban King and Michael Sterling qualified to replace incumbent Kasim Reed, who is term limited. In the races regarding districts representing Buckhead, Cory Ruth qualified for the Post 2 at-large seat being exited by Mary Norwood, who is running for mayor, and Jennifer Ide qualified for the District 6 position vacated by Alex Wan, who is running for council president.

Also, Kwame Abernathy, Gabriel Lavine, Angela Moss, Duwon Robinson and Jared Samples each qualified for the District 9 post being vacated by Felicia Moore, who is running for council president.

In the Atlanta board of education races involving districts representing Buckhead, Erika Mitchell qualified to face incumbent Nancy Meister, who qualified Aug. 23. Also, Micah Rowland qualified for the Seat 7 at-large post being vacated by incumbent Courtney English, who is running for city council.

Aug. 24, mayoral candidates Peter Aman, Rohit Ammanamanchi, Cathy Woolard and Glenn Wrightson each qualified. Also, Wan qualified to run for the city council president’s seat being vacated by Ceasar Mitchell, who is running for mayor. In the council races, Bret Williams qualified to run for the Post 2 at-large seat.

In the council races involving seats representing Buckhead, Rebecca King qualified in District 7 to face incumbent Howard Shook, who qualified two days earlier.

In the local school board posts, Patricia Crayton and Kandis Jackson each qualified for the Seat 7 at-large post. Also, Charlie Stadtlander qualified to run for the Seat 8 at-large position.

In Atlanta on the second day of its qualifying period Aug. 23, mayoral candidates John Eaves and Vincent Fort also qualified along with council president candidate C.T. Martin.

In the council races regarding seats representing Buckhead, candidate Kirk Rich qualified in District 6, being vacated by Wan. In District 8, where incumbent Yolanda Adrean is retiring from politics, candidates J.P. Matzegkeit and Anna Tillman both qualified. William Harrison qualified in District 9, joining Dustin Hillis, who qualified Aug. 22.

In the local school board positions, Nathaniel Dyer qualified to run for the Seat 7 at-large seat. Dyer joins John Wright, who qualified the previous day, in that race. Finally, Ben Stone qualified for the District 8 at-large seat held by incumbent Cynthia Briscoe Brown, who qualified a day earlier.

Thirty-six candidates qualified the first day, including mayoral hopefuls Mitchell, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Kwanza Hall and Norwood, along with council president candidate Moore. In the council races regarding seats representing Buckhead, Matt Westmoreland qualified for the Post 2 at-large seat.

Also, District 9 at-large school board member Jason Esteves qualified to run for reelection.

In Sandy Springs, Crim qualified to face incumbent Rusty Paul, who qualified Aug. 21. But he withdrew Aug. 29, saying the job of mayor would require him to sacrifice more time than he was willing to spend away from his family. With Crim pulling out of the race, Paul is now unopposed.

Aug. 24, no Sandy Springs candidates qualified, and the previous day, only incumbent District 3 City Councilman Chris Burnett filed his paperwork and paid his fee.

Burnett joins incumbent Councilmen Tibby DeJulio (District 5) and John Paulson (District 1) who each qualified the previous day, along with three candidates running for seats being vacated. Steve Soteres is vying for the District 2 post being emptied by incumbent Ken Dishman, who decided not to run for reelection to focus more on his family and his business. Le’Dor Milteer and Jody Reichel are battling for the District 4 seat being vacated by incumbent Gabriel Sterling, who is running for Fulton County Board of Commissioners chair.

District 6 City Councilman Andy Bauman qualified Aug. 21.

In Brookhaven on its first day of qualifying, only incumbent City Councilmen John Park (District 2) and Joe Gebbia (District 4), plus District 4 candidate Dale Boone qualified. In that city, only the District 2 and 4 council seats are up for reelection, and the qualifying fee is $360 for each one. The mayor and District 1 and 3 posts will be up for reelection in 2019.

The qualifying fees for the Atlanta mayor, city council president, council members and school board members are $5,529, $1,860, $1,809 and $444, respectively. The fees for the Sandy Springs mayor and council members are $1,200 and $540, respectively.


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