One of the country’s most acclaimed American dance reality television shows is “high stepping” its routines and taking them from the small screen to the Fox Theatre stage.

The “Bring It! Live” national tour, based on the Lifetime show “Bring It!,” is coming to the Midtown venue July 28 at 7 p.m., complete with its high-energy dance action.

According to a news release on the tour, more than 60,000 fans experienced it last year. While the TV show features the Baby Dancing Dolls, a group consisting of children under the age of 11, the tour girls are ages 15 to 22.

The team competes in hip-hop majorette competitions, and one of the most exciting is the Stand Battle, in which two teams face one another and alternate routines which are called by their captains after viewing what type routine the other team performed, the release stated.

According to Dianna Williams, owner of the Doll House Factory, where the girls in the TV show train, watching the touring girls perform live on stage is much better than watching them do so on television.

“Watching these girls on stage gives the audience the opportunity to see, up close and personal, what the girls are doing, which they do not see if watching them perform only on television,” she said.

The touring show gives fans the chance to experience this dance troupe’s show-stopping routines in person, and it showcases the elite world of hip-hop majorette competition, the release stated.

This year’s tour show includes all-new talent, choreography and video segments, dance battles, interactive elements and audience participation, which includes prizes, and is guaranteed to create a fun and unique experience to share with friends and family, the release stated.

Fans of all ages should will experience an evening packed with motivation, inspiration and formation, it also stated.

Williams said she hopes those who attend the performance take from it a level of excitement “that makes one excited and ready to dance.”

“The Dancing Dolls will make people feel they can literally do anything,” she said.

Tickets start at $51.20 (including all fees) and may be ordered by calling 855-285-8499 or visiting


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