Atlanta’s Synchronicity Theatre June 17 will open the Synchronicity Annex, a new facility which will serve as a rehearsal and office space.

It is located at 1586 Piedmont Ave. in Midtown near Ansley Mall, 1.6 miles from Synchronicity’s theater space. Celise Kalke, the theater’s managing director, said the annex encompasses more than 2,500 square feet and will be used for such functions as rehearsals, new play development and a class venue, in addition to housing the theater’s administrative offices.

However, the theater’s main performance venue will remain at One Peachtree Pointe, 1545 Peachtree St. in Midtown, where the company will perform on its main stage as well as provide a rental venue for independent film, dance, theater and other projects.

In addition, Kalke said, the new space will allow the company to offer more classes for its Playmaking for Kids and Playmaking for Girls programs, as well as the potential to expand professional development workshops for actors.

According to Rachel May, the theater company’s producing artistic director and a co-founder, said for 16 years, the company did not have a permanent home and rented space for its productions. Synchronicity, which was founded in 1998, started leasing the Peachtree Pointe theater space in 2014.

“When we lost our office space eight months ago, we realized it was an opportunity for us to open a very public rehearsing and workshop space which gave us the ability to intersect with the public and do a lot more,” May said.

Kalke said the building, which the company formerly used part of for rehearsals, classes and other functions, was sold in January 2018 and Synchronicity had been looking at other possible venues for its other programs. The new annex is extremely important.

“Our company produces five shows annually, and the annex is at a high-profile corner with a lot of traffic, so this new space will allow us to increase our presence in Atlanta,” Kalke said. “Peachtree Street is an art cultural area but the Ansley Mall area is not known for that, but we hope to change that.”

The annex will have a dedicated rehearsal space in close proximity to the administrative offices and will have Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant bathrooms, free parking, amenities for artists and easy access to the main performance venue, a news release stated.

The annex will also elevate the experiences of actors and production teams working on Synchronicity shows, and provide a central location to carry out the essential tasks of running a professional theatre company, it stated.

The theater is performing “Hands of Color” by Kimberly Monks June 7 through 30. For more information on Synchronicity, visit


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