When Randy Gill watched his son Lucas, 14, hit a hole in one on the third hole at the Cross Creek Golf Club in Buckhead July 14, he thought that would be the most memorable moment of the day.

But when Randy also aced a hole – No. 8 – it even more so became a round the Buckhead residents will never forget.

“It was definitely something to remember,” Randy said. “… He hit it (on No. 3), it bounced a couple of times and then went in the hole. Then we get on No. 8, and I hit it, it bounced once or twice and then hit the stick and disappeared. We looked at each other like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ So it was pretty fun.”

Said Lucas, “It was kind of funny but very exciting for both of us because we both hadn’t hit one (before).”

In a way, the younger Gill got bragging rights on the two holes in one since his was 114 yards and his dad’s was only 88. Randy said he never thought he would make a hole in one the same day Lucas did.

“As soon as he made his, we were both jumping around and hugging and chest-bumping each other, and I took a picture of him reaching into the hole and pulling it out,” Randy said. “As we’re walking to the next hole, he said, “Dad, have you ever hit a hole in one?’ I said, ‘No, I never have.’ He said, ‘Dad, one day you will.’ Sure enough, man, I did.

“When do two guys playing a round together ever hit one hole in one? Once in a blue moon, someone will make a hole in one. I’ve never heard of two people hitting a hole in one, much less a father and son. It helps if all 18 holes are par 3s.”

While a father and son both hitting holes in one in the same round is rare, it’s happened recently in other states.

According to an article in the Charlotte Observer, Randy Broughton and his son Brentley in June both hit holes in one on the Wizard Golf Links in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on Father’s Day, no less. The younger Broughton hit his on the second hole, and his father had his ace on the fifth.

According to an article in the News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jim Wiley and his son, James Wiley II, both Raleigh residents, in August both hit holes in one on the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links, home of this year’s U.S. Open. The younger Wiley hit his on the fifth hole, and his father had his ace on the 17th.

According an article in the Hutchinson News in Hutchinson, Kansas, Kent Hilst and his son Keaton each had a hole in one on the fourth hole at Cottonwood Hills Golf Club in Hutchinson in August 2015. Kent’s son Kalen was also playing with them and made par on the hole.

In the Gills’ case, it was just Randy and Lucas playing golf that day. Lucas has two older siblings: Elke, 16, and Max, 18.

“It was very special,” Lucas said of the round. “Me and my dad both love to play golf and it was a good bonding time between us.”


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