Sandy sinkhole

Roswell Road at Northridge Road is closed while crews work to fill a sinkhole in the street caused by a water main break.

In a message posted on its website, the city of Sandy Springs May 3 announced a water main break on Roswell Road at Northridge Road earlier in the day has caused a sinkhole to form, forcing crews to close all lanes of traffic until the morning.

Messages posted on the city’s Facebook page updated residents on the situation.

“Water is no longer flowing from the broken main at Roswell Road @ Northridge (near the Chick-fil-A). Roswell Road from Northridge to Hightower, including Northridge Parkway, is closed. Next up, (the) city of Atlanta and GDOT need to assess damage and needed repairs. GDOT will make a determination on when this section of Roswell Road can re-open. However, it would be wise to plan a morning route that does not include this stretch of roadway,” stated one message posted at about 9:30 p.m.

A message posted at 10:38 p.m. stated, “(The) Atlanta (Department of) Watershed (Management) continues its work related to this afternoon’s water main break. Southbound lanes were compromised. The big question remains related to the northbound lanes, and GDOT is analyzing to assess safety. It is not a quick process, and final determination still hours away.

“Go to sleep with a travel plan in place. Your best route is one that avoids this area.”


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