Sandy Springs police officers and sergeants will receive a 20% pay increase.

During its Sept. 21 meeting, the Sandy Springs City Council voted to approve a 5% cost of living adjustment, as well as an additional 15% salary increase for Sandy Springs Police Officers. Mayor and city council members unanimously approved this pay increase proposed by the city manager, Andrea Surratt.

“In everything I hear in the community, they are genuinely adored,” Mayor Rusty Paul said. “I don’t know what other community where you can use that word to describe the reception of their first responders. When there’s an emergency, there’s no sweeter sound than a siren. You know that help is on the way whether it’s the police department or fire department.”

The department says it has recruited officers all over the country, including New York, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida and others.

“With keeping up with tradition and the spirit of being the best law enforcement agency in the state, this pay increase will help us attract, recruit, and retain only the best candidates in the country,” Sandy Springs Police Department wrote on Facebook.

The Sandy Springs Police Department will continue its nationwide recruitment efforts with a current hiring incentive of $10,000 for every out of state hire. Additionally, a $4,000 hiring incentive is available for Georgia hires.

A new recruit to the SSPD will receive $52,641. Eligible applicants include recruits who are not Georgia POST certified and a new hire who is already certified but has less than two years of Law Enforcement experience will be classified as a recruit until completion of the Field Training Program. After completion of the Field Training Program, recruits will be reclassified as Police Officer 1.

Police Officer 1 will receive $55,414. New hires who are not POST certified but have four or more years of active duty military service will be classified as PO1 with a starting pay of $55,414. Georgia POST certified officers with two to three years of law enforcement experience will be classified as PO1.

Starting pay is based on the following matrix:

♦ Two Years of LE Experience Three Years of LE Experience: $56,799 to $58,185

♦ Associate Degree: $58,185 to $59,676

♦ Bachelor Degree: $59,676 to $61,664

A Police Officer 2 (PO2) is considered an officer who is Georgia POST certified and has four or more years of law enforcement experience. PO2s will be paid $61,290.

Anyone with questions about the process is asked to contact SSPD’s recruiter, Officer Rodriguez by emailing him at ERodriguez@SandySpringsGa.Gov.


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Mike Nelson

That’s excellent. Poor city of Atlanta police get demoralized and hung out to dry. It’s wonderful to see a city that values its law enforcement.

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