Amnesty for 11 million individuals living in the country illegally. Funding for sanctuary cities. A suspension of deportations. And a worsening job market. That's what America could look like in the first 100 days of a Joe Biden administration -- but only if the Democrats gain complete control of Washington.

That's why Georgia voters should do everything in their power to keep the Senate under Republican control, regardless of which party occupies the Oval Office in January. Without control of the U.S. Senate, Democrats' radical immigration plans will be stopped cold.

Georgia is ranked No. 7 for states with the highest concentration of individuals living in the country illegally. Ultimately, it's low-skilled American workers, higher percentages of whom tend to be Hispanic and Black, who suffer the most economically from their presence.

They accept lower wages than Americans, and many businesses are willing to run the risk of hiring them. American laborers lose out on work as a result.

Consider one of the most famous examples, right here in Georgia. When U.S. Immigration, Customs and Enforcement raided a chicken processing plant, three-quarters of the company's workforce disappear overnight. The company, Crider, then announced job openings -- at higher wages. That helped low-income Black citizens in Georgia find decent work.

Many companies have grown accustomed to cheap illegal labor and actively prefer it. "I found that undocumented men work at much higher rates than legal immigrants and native workers, and if you look at it over time, you see the gap is growing very, very rapidly," immigration scholar George Borjas of Harvard University said in an interview. "Ten to 15 years ago the gap in employment between undocumented and native workers was there, but it wasn't so large."

Borjas' research has found that illegal aliens keep working whether prevailing wages go up or down. That partly explains why wages in labor markets with large percentages of illegal workers remain stagnant.

If the Democrats take the Senate, Congress would undoubtedly toe the Biden-Harris line. Lawmakers will not waste their golden opportunity and will press forward with their maximum demands. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has already warned that if a Republican minority tries to stop them, Democrats will end the filibuster and proceed by simple majority vote. A GOP majority in the Senate is the only thing that can stop them if Trump loses.

To protect Georgia workers, Republican control of the Senate is absolutely critical. David Perdue has long advocated for closing the loopholes that have encouraged waves of individuals living in the country illegally. It's the best defense against the Biden-Harris-Pelosi plans for amnesty and citizenship for those who came here illegally.

David Hancock

Lawrenceville resident, co-chair of the United Tea Party of Georgia, delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention and former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

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