Hearing (former special counsel Robert) Mueller describe the extent of (President Donald) Trump’s crimes and corruption (in his testimony before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee July 24) convinced me that Congress has to stop stalling and start taking action. It’s time for a formal impeachment inquiry.

Trump claims the Mueller report exonerated him, but Mueller clearly stated in his testimony he did NOT exonerate Trump. Mueller’s investigation found extensive criminal activity, uncovered over 100 secret meetings and communications between Trump’s campaign team and Russia or Russia-linked individuals, and found at least 10 episodes of obstruction of justice by the president himself, including telling the White House counsel to lie during the investigation.

It’s unbelievable to watch the person who holds the highest office in the land ignore the law when any other American who committed those same crimes would be put in jail.

Mueller’s findings resulted in 37 indictments and at least seven convictions or guilty pleas, including Trump’s national security advisor, personal lawyer and campaign chairman. Mueller made it clear, however, that the (U.S.) Department of Justice policy prevented him from indicting Trump because he is a sitting president.

Mueller did his job. It’s time for Congress to do theirs and hold Trump accountable.

There can be no more excuses or delays. It’s time for (District 6 U.S.) Rep. McBath (D-Marietta) and the rest of Congress to take action to hold Trump accountable. It's time for a formal impeachment inquiry.

This has to happen, both because the current occupant of the Oval Office must be held to account, and because this kind of disregard for the rule of law cannot be allowed to go unaddressed – otherwise future presidents will have precedent to do likewise.

John Wienert

Sandy Springs


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