Kenneth Ray Rogers was an American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and entrepreneur. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013.

Rogers died this year, on March 20, in Sandy Springs, at age 81, and he previously lived in Buckhead.

Rogers was born in Houston on Aug. 21, 1938 and if he was still alive, today would have marked his 82nd birthday. I constructed the following numerical birthday curiosities in memory of this legendary country singer:

1. If numbers 1 through 26 are assigned to letters A through Z, the letter numbers of Rogers add up to 82.

2. Rogers’ 82nd birthday expressed as 8/21/2020 is numerically special: 2020/(2+0+2+0)=8^2+(21)^2.

3. Furthermore, if 8/21/2020 is split as 8, 21 and 2020, note that 8+21=29, the 29th prime number is 109, and twice the sum of 109 and its reverse, namely 901, yields 2020.

4. Moreover, 82=2x41, 41 is the 13th prime number, and 13 equals the difference of 8 and 21.

5. Additionally, the sum of the prime factors of Rogers’s birth year 1938, namely 2, 3, 17 and 19, equals 41 too.

6. Rogers’ 35th birthday expressed as 8/21/1973 was numerically special too since the eighth and the 21st prime numbers are 19 and 73, the left and right halves of 1973.

7. Rogers’ 75th birthday written as 8/21/13 was also special because it consisted of three consecutive Fibonacci numbers, 8, 13 and 21.

8. Rogers’ 83rd birthday to occur on 8/21/2021 would have been special since four times 83 equals 332, the reverse of 332 is 233, and the 233 rd day of 2021 coincides with Rogers’ birthday. Additionally, the sum of the left and right halves of 2021 yields 20+21=41, the 13th prime number, and again, 13=21 – 8.

9. Rogers’ 84th birthday on 8/21/2022 would have been special too because if split as 8, 21, 20, and 22, half of eight times 21 and twice the sum of 20 and 22 each equals 84.

10. Rogers’ 90th birthday expressed as 8/21/28 would have been a palindrome date. Also, note that the sum of the letter numbers of Kenny Rogers equals 151, another palindrome. Further, the letter numbers of Kenneth and Ray each add up to 77 and 44.

11. Rogers’ 91st birthday expressed as 8/21/29 would have been special too since 8+21=29.

12. Lastly, Rogers’ 92nd birthday in 2030 on 8/21 would also have been special since 92 equals 19 plus 73, the eighth and the 21st prime numbers. Further, the reverse of 92 is 29 and 29=8+21.

Happy 82nd birthday to Kenny Rogers!

Aziz Inan


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