Sandy Springs residents have had it with a party house at 4889 Northland Drive and want the city to do something about it.

Their ire boiled over after the home, owned by Jeff Goldstein under a company called Davinci Trust (according to Fulton County property records), hosted its latest affair June 16. On that day neighbors reported of a bikini contest with nearly naked women and security guards carrying assault rifles, bringing chaos to their normally quiet street.

“Sandy Springs is a city that calls its neighborhoods protected, but last weekend we didn’t feel protected at all,” said Amelia Ditzel, who lives on Old House Trail, near the home. “My husband was walking our two sons who are 7 and 5 years old, and he had to run back home with them so they wouldn’t see what was going on. There were so many women wearing essentially nothing and so many men holding AK-47s.

“… This resident (Goldstein) does not care about us at all. The last thing is the gun issue. I’m not against guns, but maybe there’s a way we can say in the (city’s special event) permits that AK-47s are not necessarily for a party.”

Ditzel was one of eight residents who spoke out against the house party during the Sandy Springs City Council meeting June 18 at City Hall. They said about 1,000 individuals attended the party, and cars lined both sides of the street, making it difficult for residents’ vehicles to get through.

Prior to the meeting’s public comment portion, District 5 Councilman Tibby DeJulio, whose district includes the house, also talked about it. He was called about the party June 17 by Charlie Kontz, who lives in the neighborhood.

“I found out there had been a party in my district on Sunday held by a couple of rappers,” DeJulio said. “…. This is something we need to avoid in the future. We had a similar problem to this with this house six or seven years ago when a soap opera was filmed there.

“We need to address this on a strict basis on how are we going to prevent this from happening again. They don’t need to be unable to get in and out of their homes. An emergency vehicle would never have been able to get (through) there.”

The same house also hosted an unpermitted Super Bowl party in February. Goldstein has posted photos on his Facebook page promoting his shindigs, including a shot of him with rapper 50 Cent. At least one of the residents who spoke said they called 911 several times to complain about the June 16 affair, and the party was shut down briefly before cranking back up within minutes or an hour. Eventually the police returned and shut it down completely.

Mayor Rusty Paul said the party host and/or homeowner didn’t have any permits required to hold that type of event, adding the off-duty cops working security at the party should have done more due diligence.

“There was a little technical glitch,” he said. “The good news is once the officers got on the scene, they were told it was something but it was something else, and they worked to shut it down. Police officers, when hired for off-duty work, should ask if those events have permits.”

Paul apologized to another resident who said he called 911 to report the party to the police.

“We’re going to continue to make some changes and will continue to tweak it,” the mayor said of the process regarding how special event permits are issued.

Also, City Attorney Dan Lee and Assistant City Manager Jim Tolbert said the owner will be punished for his actions.

“Code enforcement will be citing the homeowner tomorrow,” Lee said. “Hopefully that will be something (as a punishment). Three citations will be issued.”

Said Tolbert, “We had a meeting yesterday with the police, code enforcement and the municipal court and came up with a plan of action.”

A message sent to Goldstein via Facebook seeking comment on the code violations was not immediately returned.


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