Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul is urging everyone in the city comply with the restrictions put in place to help protect it from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

“Even with the emergency declaration ordinance, the amendment and the privately instigated measures, the public health threat posed by COVID-19 continues to affect all who reside and work within the city. According to the CDC and other public health authorities, this pandemic will continue and worsen for several weeks,” he said in a March 24 statement, referring to temporary restrictions approved by the Sandy Springs City Council at a special called meeting March 20.

That meeting came three days after the council voted to approve declaring a state of emergency in the city as part of Sandy Springs’ plan to deal with the virus.

The measure approved at the council's March 20 meeting calls for the temporary closure of bars, nightclubs, gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters, live performance venues, bowling alleys, arcades and private social clubs (with respect to food services and other indoor gatherings at such social clubs).

In his statement, Paul asked everyone living and/or working in the city to comply with the restrictions.

“Committed to taking all possible measures to protect the City, Mayor and City Council desire to continue partnering with its citizens and businesses to conduct activities in a way that reduces the spread of COVID-19. This is a community effort, and everyone must participate in ensuring the City’s safety. Therefore, Mayor and City Council insist that all citizens and businesses in the City do the following:

1. Individuals must take all possible and practical steps to shelter at their places of residence, leaving only to receive certain essential services, to obtain necessary provisions, or to engage in certain essential activities and work for essential business and government services.

2. Businesses must cease non-essential operations at physical locations within the City and augment their work-from-home and telecommuting strategies whenever possible.

3. Businesses providing essential services must enforce CDC social distancing requirements among all patrons and staff within their facilities and frequently sanitize counters, credit/debit machines, carts and other items used by the public or face closure under Gov. (Brian) Kemp’s executive order mandating social distancing.

4. Nonessential gatherings of groups of individuals outside a single household unit must cease.

5. Individuals must follow the CDC and other public health authority guidelines, as stated in the emergency declaration.

Failure to comply with these directives may lead to more restrictive action by council in the future. Everyone must adhere to the recommended public health actions to slow the spread of this disease.

Currently, these restrictions apply to all citizens, regardless of age. Statistics support that there is a shift in the population impacted by COVID-19 in the United States; young people between the ages of 18 and 59 account for approximately 60% of the cases being reported. It is true that while the vulnerable population accounts for the most fatalities, all members of the population are affected.”

Staff Writer Elizabeth Nouryeh contributed to this report.

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