The city of Sandy Springs will host an alarm company expo May 20 and is expected to make a small change to its false alarm ordinance the following day.

First, the expo will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Studio Theatre at City Springs. Almost two dozen alarm monitoring companies will attend the meeting to explain to the public how they are handling the new alarm ordinance and to offer their customers options for compliance with true verification, as required by Sandy Springs beginning June 19.

In June, the Sandy Springs City Council approved additional changes to the ordinance requiring alarm companies to provide true, confirmed verification through audio, video or in-person confirmation on intrusion (burglar) alarm activations before calling 911.

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Second, the council is expected to vote on tweaking the ordinance at its meeting May 21 at 6 p.m., also at the Studio Theatre. According to the meeting’s agenda, the council is to vote on possibly “amending the definition of ‘verify’ to require that alarm companies submit audio or video evidence of an attempted or actual crime or other emergency situation no more than 24 hours after the request for and dispatch of emergency services in response to an intrusion alarm.”

City leaders have said the ordinance was made stricter to drastically reduce the 10,000 false alarm calls the city gets annually, a rate of 99.5%.

But even before the previous amendment was approved in June, the council passed other changes to the ordinance regarding fines the alarm companies would be levied for violations. So in March 2018 some alarm companies and organizations filed a federal lawsuit against the city regarding the legitimacy of its ordinance. It was dismissed by a judge in December but that decision is under appeal.


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