The Atlanta Police Department is investigating an incident regarding the discovery of a camera hidden in a bathroom at a Buckhead restaurant.

According to a preliminary police report, officers were called to Red Pepper Taquería, located at 3135 Piedmont Road, July 24 at about 10:10 p.m. after at least one customer found a camera hidden in one of the restaurant’s two unisex bathrooms.

“Upon arrival, the officer spoke to management who stated they were approached by two customers who stated they discovered a camera in the celling vent,” the report stated. “The officer checked the camera and observed that it was not powered on. An investigator was notified and the camera was collected and turned into (police) property. The investigation continues.”

In a message posted to her Instagram page, which includes a photo of the cmaera, a woman said she met a friend at the restaurant, and her friend found the device.

"Soooo let’s talk about how last night I went to meet a friend at @redpepperatl ... (3135 piedmont road) and inside the vent directly above the women’s bathroom stall was a hidden camera!" she wrote. "Only God knows how long it’s been there.. or how many other establishments might have one as well.. 🥵 it’s sad that we have to make sure we check our surroundings even in private and personal spaces! For example the bathroom where we all let our guard down! We did bring the situation to the attention of management (who nonchalantly brushed it off as if the violation of paying customers isn’t important in their establishment) and it was also brought to the attention of the police (which we also know how that goes sometimes 🙄🙅🏾‍♀️) however I do feel obligated to make other women aware! Predators are EVERYWHERE. Please pay attention and share."

In a statement posted to its Instagram page, the restaurant stated it did not install the camera there and wanted to clear up any “misinformation that is being circulated on social media.”

“A male patron discovered a camera in one of our two unisex restrooms,” Red Pepper stated. “The male gave the camera to a female who then alerted management. The Atlanta Police Department was called immediately by the restaurant manager when the camera was brought to management’s attention. APD checked the camera, which they discovered had no SIM card in it, checked both restrooms and questioned the accusers - - a woman and a man. The man refused to give his information to the APD.

“The camera in question is NOT the property of ‪Red Pepper Taquería.‬ It was brought into the restaurant and restroom by a guest. We value all of our guests and appreciate their patronage. Several accusations are being shared and the purpose of this statement is to present the facts.

“We are taking this unfortunate incident seriously as our goal is to provide an exceptional experience when visiting any of our locations. Thank you to those loyal and regular guests who support our restaurants and know that our team is working diligently to investigate.”


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