012021_MNS_Meredith_arrest Cleveland “Cleve” Grover Meredith Jr.

Cleveland “Cleve” Grover Meredith Jr. put several protesters involved with an organized June 5 Black Lives Matter rally in Hiawassee on edge when he showed up with his rifle to hold a counter-protest of sorts.

A man with Atlanta ties arrested after the U.S. Capitol riots in Washington for making a death threat toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also was banned from the local private school he attended.

Cleveland “Cleve” Meredith Jr., one of several individuals charged with federal crimes following the Jan. 6 riots, is a 1986 graduate of The Lovett School in Buckhead. He was barred from the campus in 2019 after threatening to harm guest speaker Jon Meacham when he came on campus for a March 26, 2019 lecture.

In a statement, the school stated, “Lovett severed its relationship with this alumnus and banned him from campus in 2019 due to threats of violence.”

According to a Jan. 8 news release from the U.S. Department of Justice, Meredith was charged Jan. 7 with making interstate threats to Pelosi.

“Thinking about heading over to (Pelosi’s) speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV (purple devil emoji),” the text message read, according to FBI documents.

Meredith, a longtime Buckhead resident, moved to Hiawasee in 2019. At that time his parents contacted Hiawasee Police Chief Paul Smith because they were concerned about his behavior, Smith said. Meredith moved to Clay County, North Carolina, just north of Hiawasee, in September, the police chief added.

During his time in Hiawasee, the police had no problems with Meredith.

“He was never arrested,” Smith said. “The only interaction we had with him was at the (June 5, 2020) Black Lives Matter demonstration where he showed up carrying an assault rifle. I believe it’s the same one he showed up with in DC. He did not violate any laws (in Hiawasee) that day.”

Meredith co-owned Car Nutz Car Wash in Acworth but sold it in 2019, when the new owners changed its name to Home Town Car Wash and Emissions. Since news of Meredith’s arrest broke, Home Town has received complaints both by phone and online, from individuals who believe it’s still owned by him, Manager Jason Mathison said.

“He was never part of our business,” Mathison said. “... Since his business was Car Nutz and we’re Home Town Car Wash, we took over everything (it) had, including the website, phone number and address. We’re getting bombarded and the (online) ratings are plummeting because we’re getting false reviews from all over the country.”


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