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The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Georgia Power last week announced they will kick off on Feb. 18 work on their fifth major undertaking together as part of the Clear Roadside Project initiative in metro Atlanta to extend the distance between utility poles and traffic flow along portions of Peachtree and Roswell roads.

About 100 existing poles will be relocated from near the curb to the back of the sidewalk along an eight-mile stretch of Peachtree Road from 14th Street in Midtown continuing through Buckhead to Roswell Road at Windsor Parkway in Sandy Springs. According to a news release, GDOT and Georgia Power will make every effort to limit lane closures related to the project, avoiding rush hour and heavy traffic-related events.

“These are localized closures at each pole as part of a joint safety project with GDOT and Georgia Power to make stretches of roads safer where we have identified high rates of collisions with poles,” Natalie Dale said in an email, adding some other media reports on the closures have been inaccurate. “This is the fifth project of this type we have done to enhance safety. These are not lengthy, multilane closures as it is being reported.”

Lane closures will be conducted according to GDOT standards and protocols and will conform to the GDOT-mandated timeframe outside of normal rush hours between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Work is scheduled to start Monday and continue over the next 12 months, with temporary lane closures occurring only in the areas immediately impacted. However, according to a large traffic sign next to Roswell Road in Sandy Springs informing drivers of the lane closures, the work is expected to end Nov. 17.

Work to move the existing poles further back from the curb to create more space between utility poles and vehicle traffic is done to enhance roadside safety. GDOT and Georgia Power are committed to identifying stretches of roadway where the Clear Roadside Safety Project can be most effective.

Georgia Power will be communicating with customers, businesses, city and state officials, and other partners to ensure the safety of travelers, pedestrians and crews as it works to safely complete the project. Additionally, updates will be available via GDOT’s 511 page.

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