092519_MNS_Powers_bridge car on bridge

A car drives over the new Powers Ferry Road bridge in Buckhead Sept. 13.

A year after it closed and five months after it was originally scheduled to reopen, the bridge on Powers Ferry Road in Buckhead’s Chastain Park neighborhood has reopened.

Jim Elgar, senior policy advisor and community affairs representative at District 8 Atlanta City Councilman J.P. Matzigkeit's office, announced in an email the bridge reopened Sept. 13.

The bridge was closed in September 2018, and since then, drivers have had to use a detour to maneuver through the area. It was supposed to reopen by March 31 but was delayed.

Matzigkeit, who represents the area where the bridge is located and lives near the bridge, said in August 2018 it had to be rebuilt.

“It’s 70 years old, so the infrastructure was old and we have to be vigilant in replacing the infrastructure,” Matzigkeit said, adding the new bridge will have the same number of lanes as the old one. “It will have two lanes of traffic and will then have the wide pedestrian path that currently is there.”

The bridge replacement project, which will cost $3.1 million, will be paid for by the city’s Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond.

Even though the bridge has reopened, Elgar said one lane may be closed from time to time in the coming weeks as crews remove detour signs or do last touches on the project.

“Some final restoration activities — permanent striping and landscaping — will continue until the bridge replacement project is complete,” he said, adding the temporary traffic signal at the intersection of East Conway and Northside drives also will be removed soon.


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