Two individuals and a dog are recovering from an incident in which another dog bit them at a Petco store in Sandy Springs.

According to the Sandy Springs Police Department and an eyewitness account provided by an individual who wants to remain anonymous, the episode occurred Dec. 24 at about 1 p.m., when a woman’s pit bull, which was on a leash, pulled her toward the front of the store as they entered it. The dog bit a groomer who worked there, then another dog, a husky, and then that dog’s owner as he tried to separate them.

“The dog was taken by the Fulton County Animal Control officers,” said Sgt. Sam Worsham, a police spokesman. “The owner was charged with dog running loose (a city ordinance violation).”

The anonymous source said a quick-thinking woman who worked at Petco was able to separate the dogs using a large dog crate.

When asked if the human victims were hospitalized for their injuries, Worsham said, “They were transported to an area hospital for treatment. I understand they were treated and released.”

The police did not identify the pit bull’s owner.

Karen Hirsch, spokeswoman for LifeLine Animal Project, the Atlanta-based nonprofit that manages Fulton County Animal Services, said the owner of the dog that bit others there could be reunited with her pet “as long as it’s up to date on its rabies vaccination.”

“If its rabies (vaccination) was not up to date, it would have to get its rabies shot and be quarantined for 10 days but could be quarantined with the owner’s vet.”

A Dec. 26 email to Petco seeking comment on the incident was not returned as of Dec. 30.


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Judith Kirk

This section, Recommended Articles, found at the end of MDJ Online News articles, is repulsive on so many levels. It intentionally demeans, diminishes, and denigrates, Women. Recommended Articles is NOT meant to be educational, inspiring, helpful, nor a positive or powerful advocate for Women. If I am wrong, then why don't we see these same topics depicting Men?!!! If these kinds of online "articles" were in a published printed newspaper or magazine, the publication would be labeled "Yellow Journalism" - an old fashioned terminology, for example, applied to the print version of today's Enquirer and the broadcasted & online Fox News. If I could wave a magic wand, I would banish these types of negative articles from legitimate, balanced & honest media.

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