Hartsfield-Jackson aerial view

An aerial view of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The city of Atlanta is hoping the state will not take control of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The Atlanta City Council made that clear at its meeting Nov. 18 at City Hall when it approved a resolution asking the Georgia General Assembly to support the city’s 2020 legislative package.

The resolution (19-R-5070) includes expressing the city’s opposition to any legislation at the state level that seeks to change the ownership, operations and governance of the airport.

Since 2018 the General Assembly has looked at a state takeover of the airport, citing corruption investigations into how the city spends its federal dollars that are designated only for the airport and into airport vendor contract bids.

It even introduced Senate Bill 131, which originally called for a state takeover of the airport but transformed into a bill that only would call for the creation of a state oversight committee to look into the airport’s operations. That bill was approved by the Senate and House in March.

A separate bill originally designed to increase jet fuel taxes for airlines such as Atlanta-based Delta had a version of the airport state takeover attached to it, but it was never voted on by the Senate after being passed by the House in March.

Atlanta’s 2020 legislative package also asks the Legislature to:

♦ Require law enforcement agencies authorized to enforce state law within the territorial jurisdiction of a municipality, including the Georgia State Patrol, to file traffic citations written within the territorial jurisdictions of a municipality in the appropriate municipal court;

♦ Remove the state requirement that a county or municipality must reimburse development impact fees if a developer is given a fee waiver for developing affordable housing; and

♦ Create a new homestead exemption for Community Land Trust homeowners.

With the city led by a Democratic-leaning mayor and council and Republicans controlling the House, Senate and governor’s office, it will be interesting to see if Atlanta’s wishes are granted.


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Mike Nelson

Ever since Maynard Jackson the atl airport is the most corrupt and scandal ridden airport. The contracts are always awarded to friends and the city officials taking bribes. The best thing would be for the state to take it over. The city doesn’t want to give it up because they can’t steal anymore money. The city can’t run itself much less the airport.

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