The proposed Park Over Georgia 400 project and the fundraising group backing it have announced new names, with plans to open the Buckhead greenspace in 2025.

In an Oct. 30 news release, the volunteer organization that had no official name yet announced it’s calling itself the Hub404 Conservancy Inc., and the park will be called Hub404. The nonprofit was launched at a party Oct. 29 at the Morris Manning & Martin LLP law firm’s office, which overlooks the area where the park will be located. The event also included a video tour and panel discussion on the greenspace, which would be the nation’s first transit-oriented park.

Under the plan, a cap would be placed on top of the Buckhead MARTA station and part of 400 between Peachtree and Lenox roads to create the park, and the pedestrian bridge over 400, completed in 2014, would bisect the greenspace, Buckhead Community Improvement District Executive Director Jim Durrett said when it was announced in 2015.

In April he said it will cost between $200 million and $250 million. The park will be 7.1 acres, but up to 2 more acres of greenspace could be added with the connection of the park to the facilities bordering the property, said architect Robert “Rob” M. Rogers, a partner with Rogers Partners.

The conservancy also announced a timeline for the project:

2019-20: Fundraising for engineering and design work, as well as initial fundraising for eventual development and construction of the park.

2020-21: Completion of engineering, design and environmental planning work, with continued fundraising for the park’s development and construction.

2022-23: “Ground-making” construction begins (defined as creating green and public space above 400).

2024-25: Complete construction, with a ribbon-cutting and grand opening in 2025 and the initiation of public programming in partnership with other key Atlanta organizations.

“The project is poised to move forward quickly now that the foundational work of establishing Hub404 Conservancy Inc. has been completed. During the past six months, the board has better defined the project and created a brand framework that conveys to the larger public and institutional audiences what the initiative is seeking to achieve and why,” Interface CEO and conservancy board chair Jay Gould said in a news release. “We are now moving quickly to raise funds for the next phase of engineering and design work needed to begin actual construction, with a target for completion and ribbon cutting of 2025.”

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