110619_MNS_Pink_Pig_008 children with Priscilla

From left, London and Trey Kimbrough, both of Douglasville, and Macy’s Pink Pig mascot Priscilla relax after riding the Pink Pig at Lenox Square mall in Buckhead.

After 50 years of holiday joy, Priscilla the Pink Pig is retiring.

Macy’s wrote a letter on behalf of Priscilla Sept. 30 announcing the pig’s retirement. The attraction was closed last year due to COVID-19, making 2019 its last year of operation.

“For more than 50 years, I’ve had a memorable ride with many generations of Atlantans who know my arrival at Macy’s Lenox Square marks the beginning of the holiday season,” the letter reads. “From my debut in the ’50s at Rich’s downtown store to my brief stint at the Egleston Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees to the winding track beneath the 170-foot Pink Pig Tent at the Lenox Square, I treasure the friends I’ve met from near and far and am proud of the iconic holiday tradition I’ve become.”

The ride began in 1953 as a monorail along the ceiling of Rich’s department store, giving children a bird’s eye view of the store. From there, it eventually moved to Children’s Engleston Hospital before finding its home at Lenox Square in 2003.

Priscilla has been a long time supporter of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, with a portion of the proceeds from the ride donated to Children’s each year. To date, Macy’s has donated nearly $1 million to Children’s. As a farewell gift from Priscilla, Macy’s is donating so much so that Macy’s is donating $20,000 to Children’s as Priscilla’s farewell gift.

Additionally, Macy’s donated a commemorative collection of items, including the iconic Pink Pig plush, that will be available to purchase from Children’s beginning Oct. 11. Every dollar will go to Children’s.

In the letter released by Macy’s, the company says the Macy’s Atlanta Great Tree will still shine this holiday season.

“Thank you for joining me along my colorful, storybook adventure and making me part of your holiday traditions,” the letter reads. “All my love, Priscilla, Macy’s Pink Pig.”


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