Andre Dickens

Veteran Atlanta city council member Andre Dickens has been elected as the 61st mayor of Atlanta.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens appointed the leaders of his transition committee who will provide advice and counsel to the administration as it fills key positions and formalizes the mayor’s first-term agenda.

The transition committee will develop recommendations for Dickens through committees organized around four key subject areas — Safe Streets, Ethics, Youth and Education, and Neighborhood Empowerment.

The transition committee will be co-chaired by Sharon Gay — Senior Counsel and former Managing Partner at Dentons — and Howard Franklin — CEO of Ohio River South. Gay campaigned for the office of mayor last year and Franklin worked for several years in local government, including at the city of Atlanta and Fulton County Commission.

“Sharon and I are excited to work with Mayor Dickens and this dynamic group of leaders to bring to life many of the ideas we heard on the campaign trail, and some we did not,” Franklin said. “These individuals represent sectors and communities across our city, and we’re confident that their advice and counsel will be beneficial to the Administration.”

Dickens also appointed five honorary co-chairs, who will support two co-chairs. The five honorary co-chairs include the 53rd Mayor of Atlanta, Sam Massell, Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Herring, Georgia State University President, Dr. Brian Blake, President of the Federal Reserve of Atlanta, Dr. Raphael Bostic, and Bank of America, President of Global Commercial Banking Wendy Stewart.

“I am pleased to have this experienced and thoughtful group of individuals serving on my Administration’s transition committee,” Dickens said. “I am especially thankful to both Howard Franklin and Sharon Gay for serving as the co-chairs for this team. Their leadership and expertise will be invaluable as we build an Administration focused on moving Atlanta forward and unifying our city.”

The full transition committee will be announced next week.


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