The city of Atlanta is taking steps toward keeping landlords from discriminating against applicants based on their income source, including government vouchers.

“Our laws already protect you from housing discrimination based on things like age, gender and race,” District 3 Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown said in a news release. “However, using a voucher as your source of income makes you just as much a potential victim of this kind of discriminatory behavior. I think it’s critical that we codify that there’s no place for that in Atlanta.”

At its meeting Feb. 17, the council voted 13-2 to approve an ordinance outlawing landlords from refusing to rent or sell a home based on the applicant’s income source, including denying the acceptance of government vouchers (Legislative Reference No. 20-O-1155).

District 2 Councilman Amir Farokhi, who co-sponsored the legislation, said the measure is a key step forward in addressing the city’s affordable housing matters.

“I was proud to stand with Brown on this legislation,” Farokhi said in a news release. “This is an important, tangible step forward on equitable housing access. Removing barriers to access for would-be renters and buyers allows our neighborhoods to be economically diverse, which is a foundation for economic mobility. Everyone deserves to share in the benefits of our city’s growth.”

The council also approved legislation encouraging the Georgia General Assembly to keep landlords statewide from refusing to accept subsidized housing vouchers as rental income (Legislative Reference No. 20-R-3291).

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