The city of Atlanta continues to evaluate its solid waste rates.

In June the Atlanta City Council voted to amend its solid waste fee schedule ordinance based on how it charges certain residential categories.

That move caused some residents to complain, saying the new fees are too high for some properties.

Ben Howard, president of the Buckhead Condo Alliance, a group representing about 15 condo and townhouse developments in and around the community’s Peachtree Road corridor, was among those against the new fees.

At its meeting Oct. 7, the council voted to approve an ordinance authorizing a task order agreement with Arcadis/BPA to conduct a new solid waste rate study. The $231,620 study will include a complete analysis of solid waste and recycling rates, as well as an analysis of the current rate-setting methodology (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-4579).

“When council passed the solid waste rate changes a few months ago, we also passed a resolution calling for the department of public works to conduct a new rate study so we’re competitive in our costs and are charging customers for the services we deliver,” said District 8 Councilman J.P. Matzigkeit, who chairs the council’s city utilities committee and represents part of Buckhead.

“This legislation was funding that rate study. I also want us to deliver services in a competitive and efficient way.

“Essentially we were following through on what we laid out in the resolution.”

The new rate study is for a period of up to three years, with the council having the option to renew it annually.

Matzigkeit said by getting the new rate study approved quickly, the council will be able to have time to analyze the data and set the new rates for next year in spring 2020 so bills can go out on time.


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