A naked man walking through a Buckhead neighborhood in the middle of the night caused quite a stir before he was arrested by police.

In a message posted on the Nextdoor website and mobile app, Ashley Osby, who lives on Powers Ferry Road in the Chastain Park neighborhood, wrote that while she was in her kitchen July 25 at about 2 a.m., she saw the man walking in her back yard. Her message included video footage of the man.

“I saw this man out my kitchen window and I was shocked,” she wrote. “I called 911 and when I pulled my (security) cameras, I realized he had been on my property for almost half an hour going around and came on the enclosed back patio, tried (opening) doors and jumped the fence by my garages twice and used my kids’ plastic tub after dumping out their basketballs etc. to hoist himself over fence. He was completely naked.

“The police were able to apprehend him on Powers Ferry (Road) just south of the five-way stop. He appeared not on alcohol or drugs, they said, but Grady (Memorial Hospital) would determine that. He told them God told him to get naked and come to these houses.”

According to an Atlanta Police Department incident report, once an officer arrived at Osby’s house and she explained what happened, he searched for the man in her back yard and could not find him there. But a neighbor told police he saw the man walking up the sidewalk on Powers Ferry, and he was spotted and arrested right after that.

The man was identified as Dimarlo Duvall, and he was charged with prowling.

Once a Grady ambulance arrived, paramedics “checked the male and it was determined that he should go to Grady for a psych evaluation,” the report stated.

In messages posted to Nextdoor in response to Osby’s original message, residents were sympathetic, saying they hope Duvall gets the help he needs and can be placed with his family.


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