Garmon party house

The party house at 4499 Garmon Road in Buckhead was served with a stop-work order for operating an illegal commercial party.

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against a Buckhead party house after it has continued to operate illegally.

In his Oct. 25 email newsletter update, District 8 Atlanta City Councilman J.P. Matzigkeit said the party house at 4499 Garmon Road is prohibited from hosting any commercial events for the next 30 days after Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kevin Farmer granted the order. The order was issued to stop the house’s plans to illegally host a bridal show Oct. 27.

Party houses are defined as homes used illegally for large-scale commercial events that often cause public safety and quality-of-life problems for metro Atlanta neighborhoods. The Garmon one has hosted several events over the past year or longer.

Two of the three individuals ordered to appear in Atlanta Municipal Court Oct. 21 regarding the house did not show up, and a third made a plea deal to cooperate in the case.

Olutosin “Tosin” Oduwole, who operates the house on behalf of its owners, was charged with disorderly conduct, violating the city’s noise ordinance and two zoning violations, said Matzigkeit, who represents part of Buckhead, including the area where this party house is located, and attended the hearing.

Oduwole also faces arraignment on four similar counts. Two other individuals were cited by police during parties at the house.

“One individual who was the security guard showed up and actually entered into a deal with the city for $1,000 and not prosecuting further, he would provide testimony and help with the case,” Matzigkeit said. “The city also filed a nuisance lawsuit in (Fulton County) Superior Court on Friday. That’s what happened. The judge issued a warrant for failure to appear (in court) for the two individuals who did not show up.”

In an email newsletter Oct. 22, Matzigkeit provided more information on the case, saying the security guard “was cited for a noise violation and for providing false information to law enforcement officers during an Aug. 17 party.”

“He entered a guilty plea and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their cases against Oduwole,” he said. “The guard was fined $1,000, but a six-month jail sentence was suspended in lieu of unsupervised probation as long as he cooperates with authorities.”

Also, in another email newsletter earlier this month, Matzigkeit said the house’s water was shut off for not paying its bill, but someone illegally reconnected the water. “However, when the illegal connection was discovered, the water was shut off again,” he said.

Party houses continue to cause problems for the city, and in July, following one event at this house, Matzigkeit introduced legislation in partnership with Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and her office to amend the city’s 1982 zoning ordinance to better regulate party houses. That legislation has not been approved yet, but Matzigkeit said he believes it will soon.

Residents living near the house have complained about it to the police and city officials for months, possibly a year. A Twitter feed titled “Stop the Garmon Party House” ( has been set up to rally support for halting parties there.


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