112019_MNS_Mayson_House rendering

An artist’s rendering shows what the Mayson House Hotel would look like once completed.

A developer has filed plans with the city of Sandy Springs to build a hotel near the Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters.

According to documents filed with the city Oct. 28 by Glenridge Green Partners LLC, the hotel would have meeting space and a biergarten, and would be built on a narrow 5.2-acre lot on the northwest corner of Abernathy Road and Glenridge Drive in Sandy Springs.

It will be called the Mayson House Hotel, named after the family that owned Glenridge Hall, the nearby historic home torn down to pave the way for Mercedes’ office and the Aria mixed-use project surrounding it.

Mayson House would include 160,500 square feet for guestrooms, public areas and support spaces and 42,600 more square feet for parking. The hotel will have 242 guestrooms and suites, and the conference center will have 6,800 square feet of meeting and event space and will be built on the property’s southern half.

According to the plans, separate from the biergarten, there will be a restaurant, bar and private dining room with about 205 interior and exterior seats and a rooftop bar with about 120 interior and exterior seats. A rooftop pool with about 60 seats could be included in the plans. The parking garage will have 163 parking spaces, including valet service.

The biergarten will be housed in a separate smaller building on the north end of the property. Billed as a casual dining restaurant, it will have about 1,600 square feet of interior space and will include 72 interior and 52 exterior seats.

Glenridge Green is requesting four variances to deal with issues on the property: elevation, a loading dock, retaining walls and street standards.

The Neighbor left a message with John Hardy, who filed the plans on behalf of Glenridge Green, at his office and is awaiting his response.


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